4 things that young skiers need and 3 they don’t

The main issue that I have seen with kids particularly when ski racing is concerned is not directly related to their ability or attitude. To be honest, from what I have seen the problem seems mainly linked to that of their parents.

Either they expect too much or they expect nothing at all which is something that’s directly linked to the kid’s possibility to succeed in professional ski racing. Both the mentality can directly affect the child and can detriment his/her interest from the sport which is something that’s undesirable indeed.

So something needs to be done and hence, comes this article. In this article, I have discussed the different things that young skiers need and the ones they don’t. So let’s go through them without further ado.

What they need

· More focus on the process

Most parents or coaches stress more on the results or to be more specific, I should say the results of competition. But if you want more benefits in the long run, you need to realize that things like that seldom work in the long run.

Is there a solution? Of course there is. You need to force more on the process, the technique and the different skills if improvisation. Once you stress more on the process, you will definitely be amazed to see the results that are going to follow as a sequel to that.

· Composure during the day of the race

It’s the day of the competition and who’s more excited about it?

To honest, in most cases I have seen parents being overexcited about the race than the kids. And sometimes these can really detriment the performance of the kids as a result of too much pressure, too much expectation.

The kid gets the vibes that his/her parents want him/her to win more than anything in the world. And then s/he starts questioning himself/herself? What happens if s/he can’t? Now that’s a problem.

The only solution that can keep this problem at bay is to stay calm and composed during the day of the race. Don’t show much excitement because it may affect the kid sooner you may actually realize it.

· Pay undivided attention to your kid at the time of the race

Doing status updates on social media, taking videos, snapshots etc. can wait a bit. What your kid needs more than anything is your undivided attention especially during the times of the race.

So put all your cell phones away and put in a bit of smiles and cheers. Those are the things that can give the little ski racer the confidence s/he needs to succeed. Don’t devoid him/her of that.

· Your love and belief

Course you love your children; there’s absolutely no doubt about it but sometimes they fail to get that message.

A few hugs and kisses can work wonders you know especially during the times of the skiing competition. Remember no achievement is small. Every achievement paves the way to success. So always believe in your kid and tell him/her that you know s/he will succeed one day for sure.

What they don’t need

· A bunch of skis

Many parents feel that one or two skis aren’t good enough. Their children deserve more. The more the equipments, the more the seriousness. It might seem a bit ridiculous but this mentality is still prevalent in many families.

Your kid doesn’t need dozens of skis to succeed in the sport. What s/he needs is desire. Accompany that with a competent coach coupled with your undivided support and you’ll see the results in due time for sure.

· Your display of frustration

Any form of success is incomplete without failure. Failure’s bound to come in your kid’s path to glory and you need to make yourself and your kid prepared for the same. The trick is to not show your signs of frustrations in front of him/her.

If you do that consistently, you can wreak havoc on your kid’s self-confidence. So tread accordingly.

· Expensive ski equipments

Pricier doesn’t always mean better. It’s still not the right time for you to get your kid all those professional pricey world class ski equipments.

Trust me, world class ski racing equipments can seldom win you race unless you put in more effort in your practice. It’s therefore advisable to stop going for the same. There’s a later time for that.

Always remember to encourage your child on his/her path to success. That’s probably the most important thing that can really make a difference. With that, I’ll bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.